What Build Your Author Career is All About

The advice for those of us starting out goes like this: The best thing that sells your first book is the next one.

Unfortunately, you have a demanding 9-5 job, and the thought of having to write multiple books to gain some level of success can seem overwhelming. You’re optimistic though because you know it’s possible. Your series will get done. You’ve had some good progress in the past and maybe even finished book one at this point. But life keeps getting in the way and derails your progress whether it’s your day job, your relationship, your social life, or your dogs. Maybe you’ve told yourself, “I’ll do it tomorrow” too many times to a point where that “tomorrow” never comes.

But you’re a story teller. It’s who you are, and you know that finishing your novels opens the possibility of writing for a living instead of having to work for someone else for the rest of your life.

I’m here to help. I truly want you to succeed as an author so you can do this full-time.

Remember, this is a marathon, not an endless sprint. You wouldn’t run in the Boston Marathon without finishing a few 5K races first, right? You’d end up hurting yourself and default back to the “someday” lifestyle filled with binge watching your favorite TV show for the fourth time on Netflix. Nope, not here.

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To your consistent progress,

-Brandon, Founder of Build Your Author Career